Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Things Thursday

I'm not going to lie, the going is tough at the moment (one of the many reasons for my lack of updates recently) but we soldier on, and one way to cheer yourself up is by recognising what you're thankful for, and what makes you happy - so here's my latest list  :)
Artwork by Damien Skelton
(now accepting commissions :))
  • Losing a further 0.5" off my waist! - despite my food binge efforts following my results, and residual excess snacking (I had trained my tummy not to need so much food... excessive pizza, ice cream and candy undid all that hard work >.<) I still managed to lose a whopping half an inch off my waist in the space of 10 days - Win!  Although I've still been a little naughty snack-wise, I'm hoping that the discovery of a new, cheap (£6p/w!) gym 5 minutes from my boyfriend's place will be sufficient tonic for me to make the last 1" push in time for graduation at the end of next month  :D
  • Cocktail time and lookin' fine  ;D (I'm so cheesy :p)  - Emboldened by the success addressed above, when summoned by my best friend and his missus for cocktails I wore my new vintage playsuit (one day, I'll get round to doing a picture of it, promise!), a posh clutch bag, beautiful new costume jewellery, and sky-scraper heels. And, for the first time in a long time, I looked freaking lush  :D (if I do say so myself ;))
  • Drunken philosophical and political debates with said-friends
  • The prospect of a drunken night in watching awful B-movies :D (I can't wait!)
  • Finally getting my laptop working - Sims 3 addiction: I'm coming home, baby!
  • Jo Brand's autobiography Don't Look Back in Hunger - I love Jo Brand, the woman is an utter legend, and her book is amazing. She's had a hell of a life and I simply can't stop reading her autobiography - the other night I went to bed at 1am, and ended up staying up til 4 because I just couldn't stop reading!
  • X-Men: First Class - sorry, but it's my absolute favourite of the franchise to date. There, I said it. :p
  • Getting lots of ideas for my new projects - one is going to happen, and one (at the moment, at least) is little more than a pipe dream, but it's still exciting when I get ideas!
  • Arcturus are reforming! - I don't expect many people to know who I'm talking about (this isn't me being elitist/wankery/hipstery, they just aren't exactly well known outside of black metal circles) but I loved them for years and now they're getting back together for Inferno 2012. I've checked with my ex and he's not going, which means that if I can find the funding, then a spring visit to Oslo is in order!
  • Getting my favourite over-priced (£4?!) magazine for £1 - I love Rotherham market ;)
  • Marzipan - new favourite cocktail <3 (well... to add to the list, at least!) - you can get it for £6.80 per pitcher at your local Wetherspoons  :D (but don't order the Jeremiah sweet tea - it tastes like hell and they didn't even serve it in a jam jar! *pout* :p )
  • Finally finishing my Leeds entrance essay! :D
  • Damien being obscenely talented  (pictured)
How about you? What's made you happy this week?  :)

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