Thursday, 9 June 2011

Happy Things Thursday

  • I'm now the proud owner of a (provisional) First Class Degree! I got my results on Tuesday informing me that I have roughly a 73 average, meaning that I'll be graduating with a First :) A more detailed, excitable (and gif-heavy) account of it is available on my other blog here  :)
  • Ice cream for brunch! I know, I know, it's a cardinal sin considering that I'm trying to lose weight, but I think I've earned it after those results!  ;)
  • Losing 5lbs and 0.6" off my tummy since I began my diet May 23rd!  :D
  • My bestest friend Robyn is coming home this weekend! Woohoo! I've already started listing exciting adventures for us to do (I'll post the list on here at some point as well :)) - now I just need the capital to make it happen  ;)
  • I might have a part time job for the summer & term time! :) My grandma had a chat with the landlord at our favourite local pub (i.e. not the one I used to work at! :/) and I've to pop in and see him this week - 'citing! :D I'll be sure to let you know how I get on  :)
  • West Wing marathons ♥ I'm so glad I've gotten Damien into it :) (he even wants to borrow the season one box set so he can catch up on 17 hours of it so that we can watch the other 6 seasons together :D
  • Damien's incredible artwork (I'll post a picture later this week when I get a chance to do some photography :)) and him getting a commission to do a piece for my favourite boutique in all of Yorkshire!  ♥  :D 
  • Texts from the TARDIS Tumblr - an amazing blog that captions stills from Dr Who (9/10/11) with texts from the infamous Texts from Last Night website - it always makes me chuckle  :D

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