Friday, 3 June 2011

Happy Things Thursday.... On Friday!

Hi lovelies! Sorry for the delay - it's been a bit of a busy week! :)

  • Cup-cake shaped presents from my lovely boyfriend :) (pictured)
  • Shops full of vintage/quaint/rocky stuff :D
  • Hangover 2 at the cinema - I giggled muchly  :3
  • 30p for paperbacks and renewing my membership at the library - after all, (especially if I can't find a summer job!) I intend to spend much of this summer reading in the garden/park/trees  :)
    Pretty enough to eat!  ;p
  • York! Ohh I miss it already! I'm hoping I can land the part time job I'm interviewing for next week (touch wood!) so I can afford to go back for a long weekend with the boy and/or friends before the summer ends! :)
  • Leeds - I got to visit Leeds university and was invited to sit in on a lecture from the MA I'm applying for there - it was great! I really enjoyed it! And while I'm still not sure which uni I want to go to, I'm at least I'm a lot more excited about doing a post-grad  :)
  • Keeping with academia, I got my essay head on this week to work on my writing sample for my Leeds application and I loved it! Yes it was still stressful, and yes I did try hiding from the essay at times, but on the whole I just got right back into academic writing  :)
  • Evidence that I have the best boyfriend ever:  Who else’s boyfriend would buy them a replica of a Viking coin and a chocolate fish in the same day?  :p
  • Remember that job interview that I messed up in phenomenal style? (I started quoting Sartre... :/) Well they liked me! And they've asked me back for a second interview! :D  (pity they won't give me the job once they find out that I'll need an afternoon off each week for uni, but still! :p)

What were your good things this week?   :)

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