Sunday, 15 May 2011


It appears that I have been really quite absent recently; this is mostly down to an array of dramas combining devastatingly with my finals. But the finals are at least out of the way, and even though many of the aforementioned dramas are ongoing, there's nothing I can really do about them and so I can now return to give Pandoala my all  :)

But there's likely to be some changes around here - now don't get me wrong, this blog will still be aimed at radical self love, at inspiration, at battling my apparent addiction to inaction and also to an attitude of gratitude, but I feel like I can do it all in a much more interesting and coherent way.

First of all, the Radical Self Love 365 list will no longer be a daily thing: it's too difficult for me to keep up with and often results in cluster posts which are neither pleasant on the eye, nor are they particularly fun to read or to write. As such, I will still aim to list 365 things that I love about myself, but I will be doing them three-four times a week until I hit the 365 target (rather than doing it every day for a year).

Secondly, I want to put more inspirational things to do: so in addition to my weekly goals (which aim to keep me on track) I'll also have more long-running and inspirational to do lists running parallel to the website - so in addition to stuff like "Finish CV" "Read a chapter of the text book" and so on, you'll also be seeing things like "Get a piercing" "Go to a festival" "Drink Butterbeer in Harry Potter World" and so on  :D

Happy Things Thursday is here to stay but I'm thinking of giving it a bit of a makeover - so watch this space! ;)

Also new: If the mood grabs you, you can now also email me at  :D

And finally, I am formulating some plans for a sister site! It's going to take a lot of planning and there's still a long way to go (although I may have sorted out the name! :3) so I don't want to say too much right now - but, once again, watch this space!  :D

So yes, these are the changes that will be appearing on this website over the coming days/weeks/months so here's to a whole new chapter in my life (now that finals and (therefore) university is done) and to a new chapter for Pandoala  :D

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