Thursday, 12 May 2011

Happy Things Thursday

This has been a very academic week so forgive me if this week's Happy Things Thursday is a little academic  ;D

Damien never ceases to amaze me :)
  • I've now finished all my exams - no more academic exams ever again!
  • I've finished uni! Now I get to get excited about the next chapter of my life  :3
  • The prospect of all the wonderful things I'm going to fill my spare time with now I no longer have to revise: I have a lot of plans and lists to make!
  • The prospect of going out for a meal and cocktails with my amazing best friend and my gorgeous boyfriend at my most favourite bar in the world!
  • Once again: my boyfriend being obscenely talented (see the picture! :D)
  • Getting a job interview to work as a sales & Marketing assistant at a company that makes the most beautiful stationary and gifts! :D (they contacted me less than an hour after I'd applied! Fingers crossed for next Thursday!)
  • Getting my stuff back from my ex and having a civil conversation with him to boot
  • Having a good feeling about how the exams went - fingers crossed for results day!
  • Having a few chapters of the lovely Gala Darling's Love and Sequins ready to read now that I have the time - I cannot wait! :D
  • Classic Coke bottles! I'm getting mine tomorrow - expect pictures!  ;)
  • The hilarious night out I had with my friends last Friday :D
  • Going a whole 6 days without sweet stuff - I haven't been quite as well behaved for the rest of this week, but next week I'll behave, I promise  ;)
  • Starting packing - I'll be a true Yorkshire girl once again this time next week!  :D
  • Finding out that my Dad's going to finally get to see my uni this weekend! Exciting!  :3
  • Finally finding out where Brenda's cafe got moved to at uni - I've wanted to go there since first year!

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