Monday, 30 May 2011

365 Self Love Project (#39)

Thing I love about myself  (30/5/11)

That I'm finally starting to get my weight under control.

I had a massive shock-horror after seeing a picture of myself at my cousin's wedding; I looked worse than fat: I looked obese and (somehow) stupid! My clothes looked awful (not exactly what you want when you're finally starting to get into fashion!) and - as pathetic as this is - I burst into tears and cried for a whole hour after seeing that photo. But then I developed a steely resolve and fast forward just one week to today, and I have already lost 3lbs! :D 
It hasn't been smooth sailing, there have been some cupcake casualties (damn you York for having such lovely bakeries!) and even a pizza, but I've made a start, and I have high hopes that I'll be back to my sexy self by graduation at the end of July  ;)

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