Sunday, 24 April 2011

Today's Realisation

I am not the career that I do or do not have, or that I do or do not desire. I am not  the grades or qualifications I have or are going to have. I am not the salad I do not eat; or the chocolate that I do. I am not my dress size or my BMI.

I am the girl who gets overexcited at cute animals. I am the girl who gets excited when she finds the perfect birthday card or present, and whose heart fills with sorrow when the person to whom that present would be given is no longer by her side. I am the girl who listens to, watches or reads something she loves too many times until she no longer loves it. I am the girl who is obsessed with cuddles, who can't always sleep without her piggy. I am the girl whose dreams centre around a pretty study, a yappy dog, a guinea pig or two, and a man who makes her heart soar. I am the girl who is obsessed with the smell of vanilla and who spends much of her money on baking ingredients but never gets round to using them. I am the girl who attaches senitmentality to things to the point of absurdity, and who has a fierce passion for languages, even if she can't remember them most of the time.  I am the girl who loves until it hurts, and then loves some more.

I am that girl, Roxy.


  1. And I love every bit of her :)


  2. Awww! Thank you, sweetie! :D <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx