Wednesday, 6 April 2011

365 Self Love Project (#16) & (#17)

I realise that I may have screwed up in that I forgot to do my 'Thing I love about myself'' yesterday, so I'll try and do both in one post:

Thing I love about myself of the day (5/4/11)

My weird-ass accent.

I was born in Yorkshire but had a relatively RP accent until I was 17 (when I met my broad Yorkshire friend Bush), and then I moved to London for 4 years. This combined with my accidental ability to acquire other people's accents (including my ex's) has made for a hell of a mix bag of an accent.
And for some reason, I just love it :D
I love that people down south always know I'm northern, and yet some people up t'north think I'm southern... and that some people have absolutely no idea! :P

Thing I love about myself of the day (6/4/11)

That I got snapped up by Sheffield Law.

Maybe saying 'snapped up' is a little cocky, but considering how the head of law received my references yesterday evening, and then emailed me this morning (at 8am!) to offer me a place is a perhaps something to be rather proud of   ;D

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