Thursday, 14 April 2011

Happy Things Thursday

The Snugglable boyfriend <3
  • Nutella cake with home-made icing
  • Getting into Manchester Uni
  • Getting into Sheffield Philosophy
  • The good aspects of my exam timetable changing randomly.
  • Having such a snugglable boyfriend  :3
  • Having such an adorable (and talented!) little brother
  • Dad confirming that he will be taking the family (and Damien) out for Chinese food
  • Getting excited at the prospect of spending 4 whole days (uninterrupted) with the boyfriend  <3
  • Fantastic photos from a fantastic night out
  • Exciting plans for the days ahead
  • The scary (but exciting!) thought that I have less than 4 weeks of Undergraduate education and assessments left
  • The scaredy duck in Shrek Forever After!  :p
  • Lemon meringue pie! ^.^
  • The prospect of more cocktails than I can shake a stick at with my amazing friends tonight!  :D

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