Friday, 1 April 2011

Happy Things Thursday

  • Sarah Millican at Bloomsbury Theatre - it was like a night in with the girls - albeit a terribly impersonal one with 400 others ;p
  • Sadie times!
  • Handing in my final piece of non-dissertation coursework for my undergraduate degree
  • Being told that Sheffield Uni are "very interested" in my application for the MA in Biotechnological Ethics and Law  :D
  • Watching obscene amounts of The Ricky Gervais Show and Spaced.
  • Lazy evenings playing Professor Layton games.
  • Getting tips on the upcoming exams from my awesome lecturer
  • Having the first Sartre lecture since 2006 
  • Cuddles with Damien  ♥♥ 
  • Kicking it at the gym :D
  • Losing (at least!) 0.25" off my waist
  • Super candy times! :P
  • Getting nearly all of the reading done for the revision essays
  • Hilarious rants by the oddly-gorgeous David Mitchell
  • Sending off some of my references
  • Planning get-togethers with my friends back home  :D
  • The knowledge that, this time next week, I'll be home  :3

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