Sunday, 10 April 2011

Happy Things Thursday - Belated Edition!

Again, I'm sorry for the delay - it seems that coming home for Easter is a busy business!

So yes, things that have made  me grin like a Cheshire Cat this week...
  • Getting into Sheffield Law!
  • Gorgeous (hot!) sunny days 
  • Being back home- that means...
    • Access to massive groups of friends, 
    • Pestering my family (my brother still looks small, though!) 
    • The countryside 
    • Cheap booze and food! ;D
    • Amongst a billion other things...   :)
  • Making best friends laugh like loons in too-loud rock bars
  • Pitchers of Sex on the Beach and Purple Rain with the boyfriend
  • Puns about Sex on the Beach with my aunty  ;)
  • Murals appearing in Rotherham (see picture)
  • Pub lunches with another best mate
  • Yawning gerbils in pet shops
  • Margaret - aka the pot of flowers I got for Damien's kitchen
  • Perfecting my recipe for Nutella cake - Yum!
  • Kicking more arse than ever at the gym - 1,150 calories in 2 days! (no wonder my legs hate me! ;))
  • Getting into jogging (even if my knees are falling out with me as a result!)
  • Chicken BLT and the yummiest Chocolate Fudge cake ever- it'll all make me fat, but it was worth it!

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