Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weekly Goals - week commencing 28/3/11

With the previous photo post in mind, along with inspiration to do so from classic posts by Gala Darling (such as this one) I've decided to post my weekly goals on here. Usually this sort of thing would belong solely to my progress blog but I figure goals, motivation and achievement are in many ways linked to my self worth and happiness (and, therefore to my self love).
Plus, it couldn't hurt to have a little variety ;)

Okay, so here are the goals for next week (as of 27/3 - I may update them later)
  • Update dissertation
  • Contact Leeds University to organise an open afternoon over the Easter holidays
  • Go to the Gym 3-4 times (alternatively: burn 1200 calories)
  • Write all the plans for the revision essays
  • Write 4 (out of 7) of the revision essays
  • Be happy!
The last one is a standard goal, but it's on the actual list this week as Damien is going home for much of the week and I'll be without him in earnest for the first time since January. My best friend is offering her services to keep me sane, plus the opportunity to spend some much needed time together :D (I'm thinking pizza, trash TV, baking, Sing Star and a whole lot of silliness :D). Plus this will be good training for when I have to spend 2 weeks on my own preparing for my exams (gulp!).

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