Thursday, 24 March 2011

Happy Things Thursday

I try to do lists of things that make me happy on a daily basis as way of coping with me being a sad panda much of the time but I'm notoriously bad at keeping on top of it, so maybe a weekly version, as inspired by Gala Darling and Delacroix.

So yes, the list for 24/3/11:
  • Starting Pandoala and (more or less!) keeping on top of it
  • Utterly destroying myself (in a good way) at the gym to Gaga and Tinie Tempah
  • Finishing my last ever presentation essays
  • Being told that my dissertation is almost ready for submission
  • Finally applying for my Masters degree
  • Adele on repeat (even if it does make me cry!)
  • Red nose day and pizza with my best friend and boyfriend
  • Sadie (the aforementioned best friend) being hillarious and supportive as ever :3
  • Damien (the aforementioned boyfriend) being gorgeous, cute, and loving :)
  • Trashy TV times with my best friend and boyfriend.
  • "Monty, you are the devil himself!" "Who told you-!" (Classic Simpsons FTW!)
  • Ditching the coat and picking up the cardigan and sunnies ;)
  • "Discovering" Scala and Kolacny Brothers
  • The Ricky Gervais Show - series 1 (on DVD) and 2 (on TV) - you can't feel bad listening to Karl Pilkington, you just can't!  :D
  • Coming across a pandoala (as pictured at the side) 

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