Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The 5 Stages of Seeing Your Ex in Public

I thought I saw my ex on the tube tonight on my way home; it almost certainly wasn't him as he's out of the country on a conference (I know this by way of on-going negotiations regarding when I get my stuff back :p) but it still scared the hell out of me.
It was then that I realised that we go through the famous 5 Stages when we see an ex, just like when we did after the break up. Albeit in a (hopefully!) quicker and less painful manner...

  • Denial         "It can't have been him! He's away on business! Besides, plenty of men are 6'2" with waist-length curly hair and distinctive clothes..."
  • Anger           "What the fucking fuck is he doing in my fucking city?! Get your own fucking city!!"
  • Bargaining   "I feel like shit now... I'd have given anything not to have seen him again..." 
  • Fear              "Ohmigod... what if he saw that I've put on weight?! My new lad isn't with me - what if he thinks that I can't get anyone new?!  Aarg!"
  • Acceptance   "Yes I saw him. Whoopti-freakin-doo."

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