Friday, 25 March 2011

365 Self Love Project (#4)

 Thing I love about myself of the day (24/3/11)

That I am actually quite considerate re: night time noise.

Once again I'm late, and once again I got stuck on what to write. In the end, I came up with this.
99% of the time (well, we all have a naughty streak!) I'm very considerate regarding night time noise, that is I turn the TV down, if I want to play volume at a volume that will make "the empty chair beside me bleed" (Dylan Moran!) then the headphones come on in, and in no uncertain terms.

This might seem like a ridiculous thing to put as something that I love about myself, but people that are loud at night (especially during the week), with no consideration for others do my head in. At my halls there are a group of people that for a few days this week turned up at 1:20am and hung out on the car park outside the West Wing of the dorms. They hung around shouting, singing, and so on until 3am each time (usually only moving when security had approached them). This is particularly pissy as 1) These were all weekdays, and 2) the West Wing is primarily filled with student teachers who are on teaching placement, many of whom have to get up at 6am every morning, and be fresh-faced enough to be in charge of up to 40 6-year-olds for 6 hours.

What I guess I'm trying to say (very inelegantly!) is that one thing I really like about myself is that I'm not like them!  :P

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