Sunday, 27 March 2011

365 Self Love Project (#6 & #7)

I realise that I may have screwed up yesterday in that I forgot to do my 'Thing I love about myself'' yesterday, so I'll try and do both in one post:

Thing I love about myself of the day (26/3/11)

That I can still do algebra, even after all this time.

I discovered this playing my new Professor Layton game; I was always good at algebra in Maths at school (I was on course for a D in GCSE maths until my performance in the algebra module brought me up to a B!), and not having an opportunity to practice it since I was 16 has knocked my confidence in the matter somewhat. But an algebra question came up in the game and (after some frowning and mumbling) I got it right first time.
It's the little things that make you proud  ;)

Thing I love about myself of the day (27/3/11)

That I am damn good at baking.

Ok, maybe not damn good (my buns and muffins are still hit and miss on a phenomenal scale) but when it comes to biscuits I am pretty damn good, especially if I let myself screw with the recipe a bit!
Evidence of this has come through baking Damien Jagerdoodles (which I may be baking today!) and my 'famous' (:P) shortbread biscuits  :)

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