Monday, 25 July 2011

This is the biggest leap towards radical self love that I've made in a while...

I'm quite proud of myself  :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Burberry Coat

Harry Potter and the Burberry Coat

Going to the midnight screening of the new Harry Potter on Thursday (well... Friday :p) - here is what I'd wear if I had the cash to splash on a particularly fabulous new outfit  ;)

Friday, 1 July 2011


Sorry for the delay! But here it is!

Lady Pandoala - my new blog of all things pretty, cute, yummy, sparkly, etc. Including everything from fashion, to happiness, to baking, to (of course) pandas.

So I hope you'll stop by!  Just click the banner, or just click here  :D

See you there!  <3

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pre-Announcement 'Teaser'

Friday 1st July 2011

Announcement: Thursday 30th June 2011

Hopefully you'll be as excited as I am! :3

Monday, 27 June 2011


Pre-Announcement Announcement :D

First of all, I want to apologise for my negligence recently - I've never been the most efficient person, but I really seem to be letting the good name (:p) of Pandoala down at the minute :(

But personal stuff (good and bad) aside, one large reason for the lack of attentiveness is something that is happening on Friday - which I will announce more officially later in the week  :D

I'm terribly excited about it and I hope, once you actually know what it is, that you will be excited too :)

So here's to exciting new ventures  ;)

Lots of love!  <3

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Things Thursday

I'm not going to lie, the going is tough at the moment (one of the many reasons for my lack of updates recently) but we soldier on, and one way to cheer yourself up is by recognising what you're thankful for, and what makes you happy - so here's my latest list  :)
Artwork by Damien Skelton
(now accepting commissions :))
  • Losing a further 0.5" off my waist! - despite my food binge efforts following my results, and residual excess snacking (I had trained my tummy not to need so much food... excessive pizza, ice cream and candy undid all that hard work >.<) I still managed to lose a whopping half an inch off my waist in the space of 10 days - Win!  Although I've still been a little naughty snack-wise, I'm hoping that the discovery of a new, cheap (£6p/w!) gym 5 minutes from my boyfriend's place will be sufficient tonic for me to make the last 1" push in time for graduation at the end of next month  :D
  • Cocktail time and lookin' fine  ;D (I'm so cheesy :p)  - Emboldened by the success addressed above, when summoned by my best friend and his missus for cocktails I wore my new vintage playsuit (one day, I'll get round to doing a picture of it, promise!), a posh clutch bag, beautiful new costume jewellery, and sky-scraper heels. And, for the first time in a long time, I looked freaking lush  :D (if I do say so myself ;))
  • Drunken philosophical and political debates with said-friends
  • The prospect of a drunken night in watching awful B-movies :D (I can't wait!)
  • Finally getting my laptop working - Sims 3 addiction: I'm coming home, baby!
  • Jo Brand's autobiography Don't Look Back in Hunger - I love Jo Brand, the woman is an utter legend, and her book is amazing. She's had a hell of a life and I simply can't stop reading her autobiography - the other night I went to bed at 1am, and ended up staying up til 4 because I just couldn't stop reading!
  • X-Men: First Class - sorry, but it's my absolute favourite of the franchise to date. There, I said it. :p
  • Getting lots of ideas for my new projects - one is going to happen, and one (at the moment, at least) is little more than a pipe dream, but it's still exciting when I get ideas!
  • Arcturus are reforming! - I don't expect many people to know who I'm talking about (this isn't me being elitist/wankery/hipstery, they just aren't exactly well known outside of black metal circles) but I loved them for years and now they're getting back together for Inferno 2012. I've checked with my ex and he's not going, which means that if I can find the funding, then a spring visit to Oslo is in order!
  • Getting my favourite over-priced (£4?!) magazine for £1 - I love Rotherham market ;)
  • Marzipan - new favourite cocktail <3 (well... to add to the list, at least!) - you can get it for £6.80 per pitcher at your local Wetherspoons  :D (but don't order the Jeremiah sweet tea - it tastes like hell and they didn't even serve it in a jam jar! *pout* :p )
  • Finally finishing my Leeds entrance essay! :D
  • Damien being obscenely talented  (pictured)
How about you? What's made you happy this week?  :)

    Tuesday, 14 June 2011

    Holiest of moleys! There is something very floral and summery now hidden amongst the black, grey, and black-grey in my wardrobe - even my boyfriend hasn't had so much as a glimpse of it, only the gorgeous Robyn has seen its true splendour.

    I have such plans for this piece... oh such plans!

    Friday, 10 June 2011

    LookBook Star

    Colour Block Please by M.K.

    Colour Blocking - I'm still rather wary of the bolder combinations such as these, but I think I'm starting to like it a little... though whether I'd actually wear it remains to be seen!   ;)

    Thursday, 9 June 2011

    Happy Things Thursday

    • I'm now the proud owner of a (provisional) First Class Degree! I got my results on Tuesday informing me that I have roughly a 73 average, meaning that I'll be graduating with a First :) A more detailed, excitable (and gif-heavy) account of it is available on my other blog here  :)
    • Ice cream for brunch! I know, I know, it's a cardinal sin considering that I'm trying to lose weight, but I think I've earned it after those results!  ;)
    • Losing 5lbs and 0.6" off my tummy since I began my diet May 23rd!  :D
    • My bestest friend Robyn is coming home this weekend! Woohoo! I've already started listing exciting adventures for us to do (I'll post the list on here at some point as well :)) - now I just need the capital to make it happen  ;)
    • I might have a part time job for the summer & term time! :) My grandma had a chat with the landlord at our favourite local pub (i.e. not the one I used to work at! :/) and I've to pop in and see him this week - 'citing! :D I'll be sure to let you know how I get on  :)
    • West Wing marathons ♥ I'm so glad I've gotten Damien into it :) (he even wants to borrow the season one box set so he can catch up on 17 hours of it so that we can watch the other 6 seasons together :D
    • Damien's incredible artwork (I'll post a picture later this week when I get a chance to do some photography :)) and him getting a commission to do a piece for my favourite boutique in all of Yorkshire!  ♥  :D 
    • Texts from the TARDIS Tumblr - an amazing blog that captions stills from Dr Who (9/10/11) with texts from the infamous Texts from Last Night website - it always makes me chuckle  :D

    Tuesday, 7 June 2011

    LookBook Star

    New Segment! - 3-4 times a week, I intend to show an example of someone who, for me, has been a lookbook star. It could be for their style in general, it could be because they made a look work when I'd always had doubts, or it could simply be that they've plain-old inspired me! :)

    Today's is from the second category - I've never really agreed with the maxi, even when I wore one for Xmas dinner I wasn't convinced (Christmas dinner is the only time I'm likely to get tipsy with my extended family, a maxi was the only guaranteed way I wasn't going to accidentally flash the (then-new) panda tattoo on my thigh!), but this girl rocks it and then some! Take a peek...

    Purple & Gold by Lua.P

    Sunday, 5 June 2011

    I don't understand why this isn't in my wardrobe!

    New segment! ;)

    While researching for a piece that I intend to have uploaded onto this website by the end of the week, I came across this glamorous thing...  Again, I must ask: Why isn't this in my wardrobe?!

    River Island - £44.99

    Friday, 3 June 2011

    Happy Things Thursday.... On Friday!

    Hi lovelies! Sorry for the delay - it's been a bit of a busy week! :)

    • Cup-cake shaped presents from my lovely boyfriend :) (pictured)
    • Shops full of vintage/quaint/rocky stuff :D
    • Hangover 2 at the cinema - I giggled muchly  :3
    • 30p for paperbacks and renewing my membership at the library - after all, (especially if I can't find a summer job!) I intend to spend much of this summer reading in the garden/park/trees  :)
      Pretty enough to eat!  ;p
    • York! Ohh I miss it already! I'm hoping I can land the part time job I'm interviewing for next week (touch wood!) so I can afford to go back for a long weekend with the boy and/or friends before the summer ends! :)
    • Leeds - I got to visit Leeds university and was invited to sit in on a lecture from the MA I'm applying for there - it was great! I really enjoyed it! And while I'm still not sure which uni I want to go to, I'm at least I'm a lot more excited about doing a post-grad  :)
    • Keeping with academia, I got my essay head on this week to work on my writing sample for my Leeds application and I loved it! Yes it was still stressful, and yes I did try hiding from the essay at times, but on the whole I just got right back into academic writing  :)
    • Evidence that I have the best boyfriend ever:  Who else’s boyfriend would buy them a replica of a Viking coin and a chocolate fish in the same day?  :p
    • Remember that job interview that I messed up in phenomenal style? (I started quoting Sartre... :/) Well they liked me! And they've asked me back for a second interview! :D  (pity they won't give me the job once they find out that I'll need an afternoon off each week for uni, but still! :p)

    What were your good things this week?   :)

    Monday, 30 May 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#39)

    Thing I love about myself  (30/5/11)

    That I'm finally starting to get my weight under control.

    I had a massive shock-horror after seeing a picture of myself at my cousin's wedding; I looked worse than fat: I looked obese and (somehow) stupid! My clothes looked awful (not exactly what you want when you're finally starting to get into fashion!) and - as pathetic as this is - I burst into tears and cried for a whole hour after seeing that photo. But then I developed a steely resolve and fast forward just one week to today, and I have already lost 3lbs! :D 
    It hasn't been smooth sailing, there have been some cupcake casualties (damn you York for having such lovely bakeries!) and even a pizza, but I've made a start, and I have high hopes that I'll be back to my sexy self by graduation at the end of July  ;)

    Weekly Goals

    By heck! I don't think I've done one of these for over 2 months! But this week is shaping up to be a bit of a busy one, so here goes... 

    • Call Roehampton (to sort out some drama involving my keys :p)
    • Call Sheffield Uni to organise a visit afternoon to look at the Philosophy dept.
    • Write content for Pandoala (honest!)
    • Write random articles
    • Find a cheap exercise bike (any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!)
    • Write the entrance essay for Leeds Uni
    • Apply for jobs
    • Exercise lots!
    • Tidy room
    • Keep a food/calorie and exercise diary
    • Set up a results spreadsheet ready for the final exam/dissertation results being released next week (eek!)
    • Avoid candy like the plague! - if my grades are good, there will be chocolate and pizza galore on the 8th! ;)

    Sunday, 29 May 2011


    I'm so sorry, again I have been neglecting this blog! There's one pretty huge reason, surrounding the fact that this blog is meant to be a happy place and one where I get to be all excitable, hopeful and optimistic. But I'm sad to say that hasn't been my frame of mind recently.

    Fortunately, I'm starting to feel better now and so this, plus the fact that (with the exception of 6th-9th June) I'm a little less busy over the coming weeks means that I will honestly try to contribute a little more to this blog  :)

    It's a bit late in the day to adequately update tonight, so for now please enjoy a photo which half-explains the recent quietness: a photo from mine and Damien's recent trip to York to see Dylan Moran perform  :)

    Damien on a very windy bridge near York station  :)

    Sunday, 15 May 2011


    It appears that I have been really quite absent recently; this is mostly down to an array of dramas combining devastatingly with my finals. But the finals are at least out of the way, and even though many of the aforementioned dramas are ongoing, there's nothing I can really do about them and so I can now return to give Pandoala my all  :)

    But there's likely to be some changes around here - now don't get me wrong, this blog will still be aimed at radical self love, at inspiration, at battling my apparent addiction to inaction and also to an attitude of gratitude, but I feel like I can do it all in a much more interesting and coherent way.

    First of all, the Radical Self Love 365 list will no longer be a daily thing: it's too difficult for me to keep up with and often results in cluster posts which are neither pleasant on the eye, nor are they particularly fun to read or to write. As such, I will still aim to list 365 things that I love about myself, but I will be doing them three-four times a week until I hit the 365 target (rather than doing it every day for a year).

    Secondly, I want to put more inspirational things to do: so in addition to my weekly goals (which aim to keep me on track) I'll also have more long-running and inspirational to do lists running parallel to the website - so in addition to stuff like "Finish CV" "Read a chapter of the text book" and so on, you'll also be seeing things like "Get a piercing" "Go to a festival" "Drink Butterbeer in Harry Potter World" and so on  :D

    Happy Things Thursday is here to stay but I'm thinking of giving it a bit of a makeover - so watch this space! ;)

    Also new: If the mood grabs you, you can now also email me at  :D

    And finally, I am formulating some plans for a sister site! It's going to take a lot of planning and there's still a long way to go (although I may have sorted out the name! :3) so I don't want to say too much right now - but, once again, watch this space!  :D

    So yes, these are the changes that will be appearing on this website over the coming days/weeks/months so here's to a whole new chapter in my life (now that finals and (therefore) university is done) and to a new chapter for Pandoala  :D

    Thursday, 12 May 2011

    Happy Things Thursday

    This has been a very academic week so forgive me if this week's Happy Things Thursday is a little academic  ;D

    Damien never ceases to amaze me :)
    • I've now finished all my exams - no more academic exams ever again!
    • I've finished uni! Now I get to get excited about the next chapter of my life  :3
    • The prospect of all the wonderful things I'm going to fill my spare time with now I no longer have to revise: I have a lot of plans and lists to make!
    • The prospect of going out for a meal and cocktails with my amazing best friend and my gorgeous boyfriend at my most favourite bar in the world!
    • Once again: my boyfriend being obscenely talented (see the picture! :D)
    • Getting a job interview to work as a sales & Marketing assistant at a company that makes the most beautiful stationary and gifts! :D (they contacted me less than an hour after I'd applied! Fingers crossed for next Thursday!)
    • Getting my stuff back from my ex and having a civil conversation with him to boot
    • Having a good feeling about how the exams went - fingers crossed for results day!
    • Having a few chapters of the lovely Gala Darling's Love and Sequins ready to read now that I have the time - I cannot wait! :D
    • Classic Coke bottles! I'm getting mine tomorrow - expect pictures!  ;)
    • The hilarious night out I had with my friends last Friday :D
    • Going a whole 6 days without sweet stuff - I haven't been quite as well behaved for the rest of this week, but next week I'll behave, I promise  ;)
    • Starting packing - I'll be a true Yorkshire girl once again this time next week!  :D
    • Finding out that my Dad's going to finally get to see my uni this weekend! Exciting!  :3
    • Finally finding out where Brenda's cafe got moved to at uni - I've wanted to go there since first year!

    Thursday, 5 May 2011

    Happy Things Thursday

    Again, I'm running a little late - so here's a sort of bumper edition!  ;)
    by Damien ♥ (and yes, that's a TARDIS :p)
    •  Getting an Easter egg from Damien - my first ever from a boyfriend!  ♥
    • Milkshakes with my best friend (he finally drank a flavour other than vanilla!)
    • Girly talk and cocktails with my other best friend (who I hadn't seen in the longest time!)
    • Starting to feel as though I might be able to remember everything in time for my final Continental Philosophy exam! (as for Wittgenstein, time will tell, but I'm optimistic :))
    • The corgi advert. Still.   :p
    • My tiny little brother's crutches - I'm gutted that he's broken his leg, but a 7-year-old on bright yellow crutches is too cute to handle! Pics soon!  ;)
    • Roasting marshmallows with the family on Good Friday
    • Playing (and winning!) Friends Scene It
    • Pretty new clothes - even if they will be too big by July  ;p
    • The realisation that in less than a week I'll be free of uni work
    • ...and I'll be free of exams forever to boot!
    • Planning how I'll celebrate the aforementioned finishing of exams
    • Starting to get onto good terms with my ex (we've still a long way to go, but I'm optimistic we can now be friends one day :))
    • A yummy meal at TGI Fridays with Damien for our half-aversary (our 6-month anniversary ;)) ♥
    • That I have a terribly talented boyfriend! (see picture)
    • I've gone 5 days (and counting!) without any sweet stuff! 
    • Anticipation for Bush's birthday this weekend
    • I'm moving home next week! :D I'll be a true Yorkshire lass once again!   ;)
    • The Royal Wedding - I'm not much of a royalist, but it was beautiful - plus I welled up when Wills said "you look beautiful" to Kate Catherine ♥
    •  Getting inspired and motivated to start writing in earnest once my exams are done and dusted! :D

    Thursday, 28 April 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#38)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (26/4/11)

    How overexcited I get about fairly 'ickle landmarks

    Tomorrow is mine and Damien's 6 month anniversary of our first night out as a proper couple. And, naturally, I'm making a big deal out of it :D  But watching Modern Family has at least shown me I'm not the only one (and good thing too, I love Gloria! <3  :P)

    Tuesday, 26 April 2011

    Inspiration for Friday's picnic?

    tea vs cupcake by minette.
    tea vs cupcake, a photo by minette. on Flickr.

    Whether or not you're a royalist, how could you possibly resist an excuse to have cupcakes and tea?! <3


    365 Self Love Project (#37)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (26/4/11)

    That I might actually be almost entirely over my ex. 
    I don't want to throw myself a pity-party here so I'll endeavour to keep this as under the old hat as possible (if that makes any sense at all :p). Basically it has been almost 7 months since the man who I dated for 6 years (and for much of that we were engaged as well) called time on the relationship. I thought I'd never recover, and as recently as March I was still struggling with the crushing pain of it (even though I had (and have!) the wonderful Damien, the hurt and pain of October 4 didn't subside much). 
    But I received an email from him last week detailing something awful that had happened to him (he only emailed me because this awful thing meant he couldn't take my stuff to my uni for me, otherwise we don't communicate lest it cause confusion/further pain). For the life of me I could not have predicted my reaction to the email: yes there was a genuine concern for what had happened to him and a rage at those who had caused it, but every last emotion was more platonic than I've ever felt towards him before: I even hoped- sincerely hoped- that his new girlfriend was looking after him. And no longer felt an ounce of jealousy towards her about it either.

    I'm under no illusions: I know I still have a long way to go (for instance, I still have no idea how I'd feel/react if I heard his voice, saw him on the street or even saw a recent photo of him) but this is the most at peace with the whole situation that I think I've felt to date. And I have a lot of positive feeling that it's going to keep getting better - touch wood!  ;)

    365 Self Love Project (#34 - 36)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (23/4/11)

    How excited I am about the Royal Wedding.

    I'm not really much of a Royalist, but the prospect of an excuse to fill up a day with vintage dresses, china tea cups (containing juice, then apple tea, then maybe even cocktails!) is just too much of a delight to bear! Tragically, almost everyone I know is still having to work on Friday (retail bods :() but even so Damien (being lovely) has promised to spend the day with me in any way I see fit - picnics, cupcakes, bunting and oversized fascinators included ;)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (24/4/11)

    That I applied for a mind-boggling 22 jobs in one day!

    It took up all my day (and may have been the reason why I didn't start my revision on Sunday!) and I might not even hear back from any of them - but at least I'm out there and trying my hardest!

    Thing I love about myself of the day (25/4/11)

    That I didn't have a pudding at the restaurant.

    This might not sound a lot, but to me this is progress. Although admittedly I did end up having some candy once Damien and I got back to his, this doesn't diminish the fact that I resisted the call of the chocolate fudge cake, of the Belgian waffles with chocolate sauce, of the cheese cake, and so on...

    365 Self Love Project (#30 - 33)

    Oh gosh! I can't believe how far behind I let myself get! Bad Roxy! Lemme get right on it!
    Thing I love about myself of the day (19/4/11)

    That I can do the impossible if I need to!

    Having to perfect/re-write/correct an 11,000 word piece of work in one night? Apparently I possess that ability! I love what I can do when I set my mind to it!

    Thing I love about myself of the day (20/4/11)

    That I rediscovered Sorbet!

    Super low fat, low calorie, cold and super delicious? Oh Raspberry Sorbet! Why did I ever let you go before?!

    Thing I love about myself of the day (21/4/11)

    That Damien and I won the quiz for my Dad's team.

    Well... They didn't actually win. But had they listened to Damien's answer as well as my own then they would have done! :p

    Thing I love about myself of the day (22/4/11)

    That I am still the single best Marshmallow Toaster in my family!

    Sunday, 24 April 2011

    Today's Realisation

    I am not the career that I do or do not have, or that I do or do not desire. I am not  the grades or qualifications I have or are going to have. I am not the salad I do not eat; or the chocolate that I do. I am not my dress size or my BMI.

    I am the girl who gets overexcited at cute animals. I am the girl who gets excited when she finds the perfect birthday card or present, and whose heart fills with sorrow when the person to whom that present would be given is no longer by her side. I am the girl who listens to, watches or reads something she loves too many times until she no longer loves it. I am the girl who is obsessed with cuddles, who can't always sleep without her piggy. I am the girl whose dreams centre around a pretty study, a yappy dog, a guinea pig or two, and a man who makes her heart soar. I am the girl who is obsessed with the smell of vanilla and who spends much of her money on baking ingredients but never gets round to using them. I am the girl who attaches senitmentality to things to the point of absurdity, and who has a fierce passion for languages, even if she can't remember them most of the time.  I am the girl who loves until it hurts, and then loves some more.

    I am that girl, Roxy.

    For some people, Easter involves Church sermons and a quaint English roast afterwards.

    For my family, it involves fire (a lot of fire), marshmallows, and improvised poking devices.

    I assume that both involve chocolate…  ;p

    Happy Easter to every one of you lovely people who celebrate it - and happy chocolate day/Sunday if you don't  ;)

    Monday, 18 April 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#29)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (18/4/11)

    How productive I've been today! :)

    The Freeview HD Corgi Advert - 60 seconds

    The Corgis go to the Royal Wedding

    The cutest thing ever! And a terribly good method of cheering yourself up ;)

    Sunday, 17 April 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#25 - 28)

    Being away plus being busy plus my laptop buying the farm (RIP Lappy!) equals one absent Roxy - Sorry!

    Thing I love about myself of the day (14/4/11)

    That I can still read tab and still play the opening riff to Lemuria on guitar 
    (despite having not touched a guitar for over a year!).

    Thing I love about myself of the day (15/4/11)

    How I react to the Royal Wedding Corgi Advert.

    The Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William is now less than 2 weeks away and Britain seems to be going Royal Wedding crazy! Utilising the event to advertise its HD service, Freeview has launched an advert depicting the journey of 3 squee-worthy, adorable little corgis down to London to watch the Royal Wedding on a HD TV in a house full of other squishy little corgis. I cannot cope with this advert. The first time I saw it, Damien walked in to find me almost in tears at the advert, and I've taken to running downstairs every time I hear the accompanying music. I don't care that it's unbecoming for a 22 year old to act in such a manner - I love that advert and I love my reaction to it!  :D

    Thing I love about myself of the day (16/4/11)

    My panda tattoo.

    It's a symbol of me (I'm obsessed with pandas to the extent that that's what people associate with me!), it's happy and cute (which at times I'd like to think I am as well!) and it shows me that I can get through most things if I put my mind to it (even if I have to sing to get through the pain... and annoy the tattoo artist as I do so!). Plus it looks kind of cool  :3   Here it is just after I had it done...

    It looks much less red-raw now!  :3

    Thing I love about myself of the day (17/4/11)

    That I have written (what seems to be!) a half-decent 11,000-word dissertation on a subject I taught myself.

    I finished my dissertation today.
    I'm a little paranoid that it might only be worth a 2:1 (I'm a perfectionist :p) but I'm damn proud of what I've achieved. All the more so because I had to teach myself how to write about bioethics (I've written ethics papers before but this one is a) a specialist branch of applied ethics, and b) almost 4 times longer than the last ethics paper I wrote!). 
    So I'm proud of myself for putting in the blood sweat and tears. I'm proud of myself for teaching myself bioethics. And I'm damn proud of just plain getting it done!  :)

    Thursday, 14 April 2011

    Happy Things Thursday

    The Snugglable boyfriend <3
    • Nutella cake with home-made icing
    • Getting into Manchester Uni
    • Getting into Sheffield Philosophy
    • The good aspects of my exam timetable changing randomly.
    • Having such a snugglable boyfriend  :3
    • Having such an adorable (and talented!) little brother
    • Dad confirming that he will be taking the family (and Damien) out for Chinese food
    • Getting excited at the prospect of spending 4 whole days (uninterrupted) with the boyfriend  <3
    • Fantastic photos from a fantastic night out
    • Exciting plans for the days ahead
    • The scary (but exciting!) thought that I have less than 4 weeks of Undergraduate education and assessments left
    • The scaredy duck in Shrek Forever After!  :p
    • Lemon meringue pie! ^.^
    • The prospect of more cocktails than I can shake a stick at with my amazing friends tonight!  :D

    Wednesday, 13 April 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#24)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (13/4/11)

    That I got into Sheffield Uni for MA Philosophy.

    When I did my A-levels, I got such lame grades that I couldn't have gotten into Sheffield U if I had wanted to. Now, 4 years on and I've been accepted for a Masters degree at one of the best Philosophy departments in one of the best unis in the UK.
    And I am damn proud!  :D

    Tuesday, 12 April 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#23)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (12/4/11)

    My cheekbones.

    Even when I'm all squishy (as I currently am) they still look rather nice  :3

    Monday, 11 April 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#22)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (11/4/11)

    That I squeak and get entirely too overexcited at cute things.

    Whether it's a micro pig on TV or a yawning gerbil in the gift shop, I'll squeak and (occasionally) fall over with glee at the sight of the thing ;)

    Sunday, 10 April 2011

    A photo a day: 10/4/11

    Note to self - just because you didn't leave it outside doesn't mean it's safe from melting  ;p

    Weekly Goals

    Week Commencing 11th April 2011...

    • Call Leeds Uni to discuss me sitting in on a lecture next week
    • Call Manchester Uni regarding my supporting documents (so much chaos!)
    • Call Roehampton Accommodation to sort out rent
    • Write the small essay (writing sample) for Leeds Uni application
    • Record revision podcasts for Continental Philosophy
    • Record revision podcasts for Wittgenstein
    • Proof-read dissertation
    • Email supervisor to check that my dissertation (as it is) is ok
      • Organise printing dissertation/Update dissertation (depending on her response)
    • Post another philosophy outfit post ;)
    • Have bullet-pointed my revision notes for the Wittgenstein exam
        • Powerpoint format
        • On flashcards
    • Burn 2000 calories over the course of the week.
    • Go get wasted with my awesome friends!  ;D

    Medieval Philosophy

    Medieval Philosophy
    Medieval Philosophy by ryukenvy featuring a chain necklace
    After a hiatus, I thought I'd have another go at trying to invent an outfit to go with each of the modules of my philosophy degree. From term 1 of year 1, I present: Medieval Philosophy. I know it's not exactly amazing, and I did use a lot of creative license - but it's next to impossible for someone with such a new and basic grasp of fashion to follow such a theme without having the end piece look like something we'd attribute to the wardrobe of a LARPing hippy... ;p

    Happy Things Thursday - Belated Edition!

    Again, I'm sorry for the delay - it seems that coming home for Easter is a busy business!

    So yes, things that have made  me grin like a Cheshire Cat this week...
    • Getting into Sheffield Law!
    • Gorgeous (hot!) sunny days 
    • Being back home- that means...
      • Access to massive groups of friends, 
      • Pestering my family (my brother still looks small, though!) 
      • The countryside 
      • Cheap booze and food! ;D
      • Amongst a billion other things...   :)
    • Making best friends laugh like loons in too-loud rock bars
    • Pitchers of Sex on the Beach and Purple Rain with the boyfriend
    • Puns about Sex on the Beach with my aunty  ;)
    • Murals appearing in Rotherham (see picture)
    • Pub lunches with another best mate
    • Yawning gerbils in pet shops
    • Margaret - aka the pot of flowers I got for Damien's kitchen
    • Perfecting my recipe for Nutella cake - Yum!
    • Kicking more arse than ever at the gym - 1,150 calories in 2 days! (no wonder my legs hate me! ;))
    • Getting into jogging (even if my knees are falling out with me as a result!)
    • Chicken BLT and the yummiest Chocolate Fudge cake ever- it'll all make me fat, but it was worth it!

    365 Self Love Project (#18 - 21)

    I've been both forgetful and away in equal measure  ;)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (7/4/11)

    That I'm drinking more and more water.

    And less and less pop  :)  (although I'm still on a can a day while I have my main meal, but trust me - this is progress!)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (8/4/11)

    That I still get overexcited at seeing my Dad when he comes home from work.

    My Dad is working away in Bournemouth until the end of June and only comes home on weekends - and I was uber excited at his coming home this weekend  :)  Indeed I'm going over to his later today to watch Despicable Me  ^.^

    Thing I love about myself of the day (9/4/11)

    That I'm getting more and more excited about fashion.

    I have always had a passive interest in clothes, but previously my wardrobe has consisted primarily of dark blue and black (jeans and black metal band shirts) but I'm getting more and more girly, drooling over designers (Iron Fist and Betsey Johnson - all your clothes will be mine! ;)) and even getting inspired to attack Polyvore with my dream outfits for when I've shifted this post-break up weight  :)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (10/4/11)
    (bit of a long one!)

    That I have kicked so much arse over my undergrad degree that I'm guaranteed a 2:1.

    During a very curious moment, I worked out what my grade average would be if I screwed up the assessments that I have left to do in order to complete my undergraduate degree. I have the equivalent of 4 modules left (2 single modules (exam assessed) and a double module (dissertation). If I were to attain a 40 for all of these modules (the lowest possible mark you can attain without failing) I would still graduate with a 66 - a strong 2:1; enough to take my place in at Sheffield Law school.
    I'm so proud because this proves how amazingly I've done over the last year and a half (even with everything that's happened); I love myself for getting through it, and for kicking so much arse  :D

    Wednesday, 6 April 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#16) & (#17)

    I realise that I may have screwed up in that I forgot to do my 'Thing I love about myself'' yesterday, so I'll try and do both in one post:

    Thing I love about myself of the day (5/4/11)

    My weird-ass accent.

    I was born in Yorkshire but had a relatively RP accent until I was 17 (when I met my broad Yorkshire friend Bush), and then I moved to London for 4 years. This combined with my accidental ability to acquire other people's accents (including my ex's) has made for a hell of a mix bag of an accent.
    And for some reason, I just love it :D
    I love that people down south always know I'm northern, and yet some people up t'north think I'm southern... and that some people have absolutely no idea! :P

    Thing I love about myself of the day (6/4/11)

    That I got snapped up by Sheffield Law.

    Maybe saying 'snapped up' is a little cocky, but considering how the head of law received my references yesterday evening, and then emailed me this morning (at 8am!) to offer me a place is a perhaps something to be rather proud of   ;D

    It's the little things

    Yesterday (well, Monday) it was the 6 month 'anniversary' of being dumped by the man I gave 6 years of my life to. What's more, it took til Tuesday afternoon to realise this, and to realise that I didn't think about him once that day.

    Normally I spend the 4th of the Month (especially if it falls on it Monday) a miserable soul, even though I'm no longer with him, even though I'm happy with Damien, the reject and betrayal still stings.

    But yesterday I worked, I exercised, I cuddled Damien, I watched TV.

    And I didn't once think about him or the break up.

    I think I'm turning a hell of a corner, and I think it's because I'm starting to like and respect who I am...   :)

    Tuesday, 5 April 2011

    My dazzlingly gorgeous friend Robyn has started her own Blogger blog, you should go check it out!

    Monday, 4 April 2011

    A photo a day: 4/4/11

    An oldie but a goody - Piggy back in 2008  :D
    Everyone's loving this photo since I rediscovered it. I'm thinking of making a piggy fan club! ;)

    365 Self Love Project (#15)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (4/4/11)

    That I was so super productive today!  :D

    Today was a good day, I wrote an essay, updated my dissertation, emailed various people regarding my MA applications, returned 8 books, took out some books for my proposed side project, and burned 500 calories at the gym.

    Weekly Goals

    Week Commencing 4th April 2011  (today!)

    I go back home on Wednesday, so there's not a lot on this week at the moment - although I'll add things as and when I think of them!  :)
    • Update dissertation
    • Write final revision essay
    • Burn 700 calories at the gym
    • Burn 800-1000 calories at home
    • Go out on the lash with the gang!  ;)

    365 Self Love Project (#14)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (3/4/11)

    That I get over-involved in watching films and shows.

    I was almost in tears watching 13 Going On 30 this afternoon, and I even felt physically out of sorts at the prospect of  the main character being perceived as a bitch when she no longer was. I sometimes even find myself forcing a detachment from the drama of a scene. And I still cry at Futurama.   ;)

    A photo a day: 3/4/11

    Le nom: Home-made Nutella cake with side stuff  :p  :)

    Sunday, 3 April 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#13)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (2/4/11)

    That I still get overexcited at Disney films.

    A big thank you goes to The Princess and the Frog for pointing this out to me  ;)

    A photo a day: 2/4/11

    I know, I'm behind...
    Here's an old one but a good one   :)

    Saturday, 2 April 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#12)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (1/4/11)

    That I can still surprise myself at the gym.

    This morning I was exhausted, barely awake, and getting out of bed felt like the biggest ask in the world. I still forced myself to go to the gym, and 70 calories in it was doubtful I'd even manage to get to 100 cals - then before I knew it I was on 500 calories (and eager to do more!).

    Even after 3 years of going to gyms, it seems I can still surprise myself of what I'm capable of there  :)

    Friday, 1 April 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#11)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (31/3/11)

    That I am getting more and more interested in losing weight the healthy way.

    Rather than my usual tack of starving myself, and depriving myself, I'm getting more and more into the idea of working out and being fit rather than thin. It's almost like the new me is appearing, and I love it  :D

    Happy Things Thursday

    • Sarah Millican at Bloomsbury Theatre - it was like a night in with the girls - albeit a terribly impersonal one with 400 others ;p
    • Sadie times!
    • Handing in my final piece of non-dissertation coursework for my undergraduate degree
    • Being told that Sheffield Uni are "very interested" in my application for the MA in Biotechnological Ethics and Law  :D
    • Watching obscene amounts of The Ricky Gervais Show and Spaced.
    • Lazy evenings playing Professor Layton games.
    • Getting tips on the upcoming exams from my awesome lecturer
    • Having the first Sartre lecture since 2006 
    • Cuddles with Damien  ♥♥ 
    • Kicking it at the gym :D
    • Losing (at least!) 0.25" off my waist
    • Super candy times! :P
    • Getting nearly all of the reading done for the revision essays
    • Hilarious rants by the oddly-gorgeous David Mitchell
    • Sending off some of my references
    • Planning get-togethers with my friends back home  :D
    • The knowledge that, this time next week, I'll be home  :3

    Thursday, 31 March 2011

    Wednesday, 30 March 2011

    A photo a day: 30/3/11

    The lovely Sadie and I headed out to the recording of Sarah Millican's new DVD Chatterbox tonight.
    It was awesome!  We even got given free badges at the end: I'm a chatterbox, while Sadie is a gobshite  ;)

    The 5 Stages of Seeing Your Ex in Public

    I thought I saw my ex on the tube tonight on my way home; it almost certainly wasn't him as he's out of the country on a conference (I know this by way of on-going negotiations regarding when I get my stuff back :p) but it still scared the hell out of me.
    It was then that I realised that we go through the famous 5 Stages when we see an ex, just like when we did after the break up. Albeit in a (hopefully!) quicker and less painful manner...

    • Denial         "It can't have been him! He's away on business! Besides, plenty of men are 6'2" with waist-length curly hair and distinctive clothes..."
    • Anger           "What the fucking fuck is he doing in my fucking city?! Get your own fucking city!!"
    • Bargaining   "I feel like shit now... I'd have given anything not to have seen him again..." 
    • Fear              "Ohmigod... what if he saw that I've put on weight?! My new lad isn't with me - what if he thinks that I can't get anyone new?!  Aarg!"
    • Acceptance   "Yes I saw him. Whoopti-freakin-doo."

    365 Self Love Project (#10)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (30/3/11)

    That I have a very dark sense of humour that gets me through the bad times.

    I think this is something I've inherited as when my maternal grandfather died in 2008, much of my extended family coped by way of dark humour - which was actually what grandad would have done in the same situation! Sometimes the humour comes out a bit cruel, but it still gets a laugh and it still cheers me up  :p

    Tuesday, 29 March 2011

    A photo a day: 29/3/11

    My gorgeous Iron Fist wallet, my headphones, my watch and a textbook.
    Headphones: study music
    Watch: counting down to breaks
    Text book: for le study  ;p
    Wallet: for buying emergency stocks of candy

    My major essentials as exam time approaches.

    365 Self Love Project (#9)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (29/3/11)

    That I have a massive thing for pandas.

    I realise this is a bit of a weird one but this is one of the things that defines me in a way. Amongst people that know me, if you think of pandas, you think of Roxy  ;)

    Monday, 28 March 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#8)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (28/3/11)

    That I have prominent collarbones.

    I first noticed this when I was 12; for the longest time I thought it was from playing the violin in my youth! Nowadays the violin is long gone, but my collarbones still stick out and - for my tastes at least - look rather nice! (even when, like now, I'm a bit on the plump side, they're still looking good ;))

    A photo a day: 28/3/11

    Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, I'm not on top of things at the moment  ;)

    This is my gorgeous boyfriend Damien playing with his new 3DS. He's been so amazing to me these last few weeks that I'm planning to make a massive fuss of him on Saturday when he comes back from our home town (he's going home for a few days this week before we go home together for the Easter holidays).

    Beer, Chinese food, a movie and home-made baked goods. 
    I think it might work  ;)

    God of Cake

    I command your ears and eyes for a moment!

    My best friend Sadie just sent me this over Facebook; I would consider this the single greatest thing to ever happen to the internet: Hyperbole and a Half meets Inception.

    Sunday, 27 March 2011

    Weekly Goals - week commencing 28/3/11

    With the previous photo post in mind, along with inspiration to do so from classic posts by Gala Darling (such as this one) I've decided to post my weekly goals on here. Usually this sort of thing would belong solely to my progress blog but I figure goals, motivation and achievement are in many ways linked to my self worth and happiness (and, therefore to my self love).
    Plus, it couldn't hurt to have a little variety ;)

    Okay, so here are the goals for next week (as of 27/3 - I may update them later)
    • Update dissertation
    • Contact Leeds University to organise an open afternoon over the Easter holidays
    • Go to the Gym 3-4 times (alternatively: burn 1200 calories)
    • Write all the plans for the revision essays
    • Write 4 (out of 7) of the revision essays
    • Be happy!
    The last one is a standard goal, but it's on the actual list this week as Damien is going home for much of the week and I'll be without him in earnest for the first time since January. My best friend is offering her services to keep me sane, plus the opportunity to spend some much needed time together :D (I'm thinking pizza, trash TV, baking, Sing Star and a whole lot of silliness :D). Plus this will be good training for when I have to spend 2 weeks on my own preparing for my exams (gulp!).

    365 Self Love Project (#6 & #7)

    I realise that I may have screwed up yesterday in that I forgot to do my 'Thing I love about myself'' yesterday, so I'll try and do both in one post:

    Thing I love about myself of the day (26/3/11)

    That I can still do algebra, even after all this time.

    I discovered this playing my new Professor Layton game; I was always good at algebra in Maths at school (I was on course for a D in GCSE maths until my performance in the algebra module brought me up to a B!), and not having an opportunity to practice it since I was 16 has knocked my confidence in the matter somewhat. But an algebra question came up in the game and (after some frowning and mumbling) I got it right first time.
    It's the little things that make you proud  ;)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (27/3/11)

    That I am damn good at baking.

    Ok, maybe not damn good (my buns and muffins are still hit and miss on a phenomenal scale) but when it comes to biscuits I am pretty damn good, especially if I let myself screw with the recipe a bit!
    Evidence of this has come through baking Damien Jagerdoodles (which I may be baking today!) and my 'famous' (:P) shortbread biscuits  :)

    Ancient Philosophy

    Ancient Philosophy

    Gala Darling did a lovely article on themed outfits for degree students but there wasn't a philosopher in sight. So, as a way to avoid studying, I've decided to make outfits themed on some of the modules I studied during my Philosophy degree.

    This is my first offering: the first module of the first year: Ancient Philosophy

    Note: the perfume is there as it is made from hemlock - if you know why this is significant to Ancient Philosophy then you have my love  :3

    Saturday, 26 March 2011

    A photo a day: 26/3/11

    I'm loving my current use of weekly goals - which aren't too overwhelming to be attainable, but that still make a point of what I want to have achieved by the end of the week. 

    I managed about 80% of last week's goals (which actually works out better than an aggregate of the daily to do lists of the week) and as long as I get to the gym today and tomorrow and get my finger out work wise a little then I'm on track for a similar feat this week :)  (it'd be better but I was a bit over-optimistic regarding my revision prep in a week where I had an essay to write...)

    365 Self Love Project (#5)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (25/3/11)

    That I talk with my hands. 
    Sadie made a video of me for her screen-writing class, which I got to see the final edit of today. It turns out that for the most part I talk with my hands (something which I think comes from my days of speaking Spanish). 
    I like this  :)

    Friday, 25 March 2011

    A photo a day: 25/3/11

    Le nom :)

    A photo a day: 24/3/11

    A bit of a rubbish one today, perhaps, but then again I was (as ever!) rather late with it - but at least it's for a good reason. That good reason is that I've had an extremely productive day in that I have written the above essay (all 1500 words of it!) today (and this is despite having no lectures in the subject :)) as well as kicking absolute arse at the gym, burning a whole 600 calories :D (and that doesn't include the walk up there! ;)).

    But anyway that's enough gushing about today! There's your picture  ;)  ^

    365 Self Love Project (#4)

     Thing I love about myself of the day (24/3/11)

    That I am actually quite considerate re: night time noise.

    Once again I'm late, and once again I got stuck on what to write. In the end, I came up with this.
    99% of the time (well, we all have a naughty streak!) I'm very considerate regarding night time noise, that is I turn the TV down, if I want to play volume at a volume that will make "the empty chair beside me bleed" (Dylan Moran!) then the headphones come on in, and in no uncertain terms.

    This might seem like a ridiculous thing to put as something that I love about myself, but people that are loud at night (especially during the week), with no consideration for others do my head in. At my halls there are a group of people that for a few days this week turned up at 1:20am and hung out on the car park outside the West Wing of the dorms. They hung around shouting, singing, and so on until 3am each time (usually only moving when security had approached them). This is particularly pissy as 1) These were all weekdays, and 2) the West Wing is primarily filled with student teachers who are on teaching placement, many of whom have to get up at 6am every morning, and be fresh-faced enough to be in charge of up to 40 6-year-olds for 6 hours.

    What I guess I'm trying to say (very inelegantly!) is that one thing I really like about myself is that I'm not like them!  :P

    Thursday, 24 March 2011

    Happy Things Thursday

    I try to do lists of things that make me happy on a daily basis as way of coping with me being a sad panda much of the time but I'm notoriously bad at keeping on top of it, so maybe a weekly version, as inspired by Gala Darling and Delacroix.

    So yes, the list for 24/3/11:
    • Starting Pandoala and (more or less!) keeping on top of it
    • Utterly destroying myself (in a good way) at the gym to Gaga and Tinie Tempah
    • Finishing my last ever presentation essays
    • Being told that my dissertation is almost ready for submission
    • Finally applying for my Masters degree
    • Adele on repeat (even if it does make me cry!)
    • Red nose day and pizza with my best friend and boyfriend
    • Sadie (the aforementioned best friend) being hillarious and supportive as ever :3
    • Damien (the aforementioned boyfriend) being gorgeous, cute, and loving :)
    • SUNSHINE!  :D
    • Trashy TV times with my best friend and boyfriend.
    • "Monty, you are the devil himself!" "Who told you-!" (Classic Simpsons FTW!)
    • Ditching the coat and picking up the cardigan and sunnies ;)
    • "Discovering" Scala and Kolacny Brothers
    • The Ricky Gervais Show - series 1 (on DVD) and 2 (on TV) - you can't feel bad listening to Karl Pilkington, you just can't!  :D
    • Coming across a pandoala (as pictured at the side) 

    A photo a day: 23/3/11

    This is the necklace that my close friend and former flatmate Harriet gave to me (it used to be hers :)).  I wore it today as I was feeling summery, and when I'm summery I wear gorgeous costume jewellery  :D

    A 'runner-up' (as it were) for photo of the day was this:

    It amused me that I had a ladder in my tights and no recollection of when, were or how it had occurred  :)  :p

    365 Self Love Project (#3)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (23/3/11)

    That I naturally have French-tipped nails

    For some reason, picking something to say for today was unbelievably difficult. But then maybe this just proves that I need this exercise so when asked to think of something I like about myself, that it doesn't take over an hour to choose  :/

    But this is something that I commented on earlier when Sadie and I were discussing manicures and nail varnish and the fact is my nails naturally have white tips; they just happen to grow that way  :)  Here's a particularly rubbish picture to demonstrate this:   (I have varnish on my left hand, otherwise it would have looked better :p)

    Tuesday, 22 March 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#2)

    Thing I love about myself of the day (22/3/11)

    That I can't eat chocolate without making an almighty mess.

    Today, Damien and I acquired a big bag of malteasers to share. Within ten minutes, I'd gotten chocolate stains on the bed, and my (white!) pyjama bottoms. This might not seem like something to be celebrated, but (unless I'm in a bad mood or I've wrecked something I need) it makes me laugh. And as I believe more than anything that laughter is the most important thing we can do, I might as well celebrate something about myself that really makes me giggle  :3

    A photo a day: 22/3/11

    Just made it!
    I'm in a rush to not be too late to do my 365 Self Love deeley, so here's a quick one  :p

    Today I had a really good dissertation meeting in which my supervisor said I was almost ready to submit and even advised me to start prepping my bibliography, and in my quest to write a short essay on something I know nothing about (*cough*Wittgenstein*cough*) I managed to get my paws on some books which have proven to be invaluable, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself on that front  ;p

    Monday, 21 March 2011

    365 Self Love Project (#1)

    The plan is to list one thing I love about myself every day for a year.
    I did a similar thing for my ex once and a thought occurs: if he was worthy of such gushing then why aren't I?

    I feel I must clarify something: I'm not self interested, I don't think I'm awesome, in fact the opposite, my distaste for myself downright terrifies my current boyfriend, so this exercise is to try and go some way to fix that  :)

    So yes, on day 1, I'm going for something a little obvious for me:

    I'm really good at writing essays.

    A photo a day: 21/3/11

    I picked the can as it's representative of today - I'm both wallowing and celebrating: today has been a bad day, and I'm a bit bad at comfort eating. But I'm also celebrating getting my MA applications sent off and getting a good reference off of my tutor for those applications (I haven't read it, but she basically said I'll be getting a good one).


    Good afternoon! (or morning... or evening - it depends where and when you're reading this!) And welcome to what is to be my daft little blog.

    I fill my Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook with a stream of ramblings and picture after picture, so I wanted a place to call my own for outside of that. This will also be used as my SLB or rather Self Love Blog ~ Radical Self Love is (for want of a better word) a movement started by gorgeous fashion and lifestyle blogger Gala Darling - for more information, click here  :) In addition I'll fill it with inspiration, projects, and that rarity of all rarities in my head: an eloquent thought  ;)

    So that's my blog, and with regards to myself I suppose you'll learn about me as time goes on  :)